Weekly Update

Upper Valley DSA

August 17, 2020

If you’re a socialist, last week’s political news might have felt like a gut punch.

On Wednesday, in the middle of a nationwide uprising against police violence, Joe Biden selected former prosecutor and “top cop” Kamala Harris as his running mate for President of the United States. The following day, reporting revealed that the Massachusetts Democratic Party helped coordinate an attack against Alex Morse, a progressive primary challenger who is running against Richard Neal, the number one recipient of corporate PAC money in Congress.

Watching the Democratic Party try to snuff out leftist candidates at the national level can make you feel powerless, especially when mainstream liberals push a narrative that political work only happens a few times a year on election days. As socialists, we believe that organizing is a year-round activity. Participating in local political work can be often more impactful and empowering because fewer people get involved at the community, municipal, and state level.

Our DSA chapter has local campaigns where you can get involved now and make a difference. Join us and help build power where it matters most. Trust us when we say it’s more productive and feels better than getting mad at cable news.

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