Standing Together Against Sexual Violence at Dartmouth: Interview with Dartmouth Feminists

Nancy Welch

July 27, 2020

This piece appeared in Spectre Journal.

In early July, a federal court judge signed off on a $14.4 million class-action settlement between Dartmouth College and more than seventy women who, over sixteen years, were subjected to sexual harassment and assault by three celebrated—and well-funded—neuroscience professors. This #ScienceToo case exposed the culture of gender harassment and sexual violence that thrives when academic advisors hold the power to make or break the careers of young researchers, and when higher-ed institutions permit an academic department to operate as, in the words of the lawsuit’s introduction, a “21st-century Animal House.”

Nancy Welch spoke with four of the plaintiffs—Sasha Brietzke, Vassiki Chauhan, Marissa Evans, and **Kristina Rapuano—**about the significance of their victory for academic gender justice plus the still necessary project of building movements from below to transform science and the academy.

Read the full article in Spectre Journal.

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